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The quotes below are from my recent article called Creativity published 2 July 2014. Most of the quotes below are about CollaboNation by Jess Bush which I am trying to give people the opportunity to know more about it. Read the full article at Systems Thinking Designer on Wordpress here is the link: http://systemsthinkingdesigner.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/creativity-3/

"I have a utopian dream that humanity one day uses higher forms of value systems that replace money." Stephen Hass 2014

"To a large extent the creation of money is an unsustainable practice and I see creativity as a potential to replace money." Stephen Hass 2014

"CollaboNation movement to me appears to be the beginning of representing a vast amount of systems for the power of creativity and strength of artistic expression; that exclude the systemic dimensions of the money value systems that threaten the integrity of creativity and art practice." Stephen Hass 2014

"CollaboNation brings anybody and everybody together on a social level by giving a public platform for people to participate in their own art and creative process, for free. CollaboNation is truly a social art experiment aiming to achieve positive outcomes for all people involved and to those who view it as well. The free process of creating art by using collaboration creativity per individual strengthens as the power of connectivity is tested in public spaces, as a transience public collaborative artwork is created." Stephen Hass 2014

"CollaboNation makes a mutual conversation space and platform for different creative levels and personalities. A passion for creativity and art is not necessary for CollaboNation to work effectively. The mutual connection of creativity that we all have is what makes CollaboNation effective. Then sharing our creativity through CollaboNation and creating a single but multi facet artwork by collaborating with the person next to you or the person who was there just 5 minutes ago builds up layers of communication and experiences. Conversation comes naturally when people find a connection to each other or when someone needs help and guidance." Stephen Hass 2014

"CollaboNation is a mighty positive energy for cultural and social change for people, communities, society and systems." Stephen Hass 2014

"CollaboNation and Jess Bush is a breath of fresh air and writing a few sentences, as a description would not give this movement and artist justice." Stephen Hass 2014

"Please don’t let your creativity be squashed! It’s a beautiful thing to have." Jess Bush 2014.

I am really happy I am able to contribute and collaborate in Memefest now with great enthusiasm. I did not have enough enthusiasm back in 2012 and 2013 to be part of Memefest much. Peace





Stephen Hass

Birth year







From creativity, art and design to environment to politics to advertising to social to lifestyle to awareness to education to history to vision to present moment action in the day to day and year to year!

Lets collaborate and achieve greatness far beyond that an individual is capable of, while enriching self-journey and togetherness.

Visual Communication Designer, Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Artist, Graffiti/Mural Photographer, Gaming Commentator.

I have joined the Memfest community becasue i am interested in

In-depth approaches to many different situations and areas on a global scale and local scale. Making a more in-depth journey to the root of something and understanding how to best create, make, maintain, change or improve that something, is aided by being in the Memefest community.


Graphic Design and Visual Communication Design. Southbank Institute of Technology and Griffith University Queensland College of Art. Self-taught illustration artist.

Working place

Brisbane, Australia

Music I like

All music. Top three genres are electronic dj mixes, rap, and alternative rock.

Books I like

Stephen is thankful he bought the book "Indebted To Intervene critical lessons in debt, communication, art & theoretical practice by Oliver Vodeb and Nikola Janovic Kolenc". Stephen thinks Indebted To Intervene is a unique and refreshing book that helps to add more elements of thinking and consideration on important topics. And holds memories of Stephen as a University student during the memefest debt theme.

Brisbane Zines are becoming more interesting to Stephen as he explores more options and possibilities for sustainable growth and community networks.

Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus & Sharpen Your Creative Mind by 99u.com

Thinking in Systems (2008)

New book looks like a good one to read! Design in the Borderlands (2014) by Eleni Kalantidou and Tony Fry.

Films I like

Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
Atomic Blonde (2017)
Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
Sam Dillemans: The Madness in The Detail.
Monsters (2010)(first film by Gareth Edwards!)
The Tunnel (2011)(Carlo Ledesma Crowd-Funded!!!
Avatar (2009)(based on struggles of Amazon Rainforest and Indigenous People)
Journey To The Center Of The Earth(1959)
The Room (2003) LOL
HOME (Environment Documentary 2009 free to watch on YouTube)
Promised Land (2012)(Natural gas topic)

Communication projects I like

CollaboNation by Jess Bush.
Casualties of War (Limited edition box set of 4 action figures) by Dorothy - UK based studio.
(100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear)
Unreal Tournament 4 Pre Alpha by Epic Games, free to play, open source collaboration. www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament
Unreal Engine 4
eSports growth direction is amazing but sustainability resource products for it is concerning (VR, computer screens, mouses, headsets etc)
Interactive Game Streaming a world first technology evolution/revolution currently in development!

Websites I like

www.philosophicalsociety.com (I should visit Philosophical Society more regularly...)
www.suicidegirls.com (Pinup style modeling/alternative social network, suicidegirls is not pornography)

People I like

James Victore
Ken Garland
Gemma O’Brien
Peeta-3D Artist
Eleni Kalantidou
Tony Fry
Oliver Vodeb
Robert Henderson
David Sargent
Jennie Jackson
Manfred Huber
John Tarlton

and Family